Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Today I had the opportunity to read some of my brother, Rupert's writing. It's so good I'm reposting it here.

A dunk in the bucket.

lose friends,
lose hopes,
lose love,
lose happiness.
look up,
the light is far above,
and worth reaching for."

Ironic Prayer

"I saw a poster today and it echoed a thought I have long felt. 'Oh merciful God, Yahweh, Allah, save us from your followers!' This says in the fewest words possible everything that is wrong with organized religion. The originators of these religions had beautiful ideas. Jesus, Muhammad, Abraham. They found a way to be at peace and understand humanity. They were spiritual light houses that tried to lead their fellow men in the right direction. Since their appearance though, the followers have built walls around the lighthouses creating the establishments of 'religion'. Now all that can be seen is the wall and the light of their wisdom cannot shine through."
The Life of Bobo

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