Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Heart Hustle Collective

Heart Hustle Collective is Daisy Cross, Annalyn Lehnig, Josh Rowe, Amanda Raleigh, Karina Wolfe, Lindsay Preiss and Alma. We are a group of generative theater-artists that have been producing original work individually and collectively for the past 8 years. Heart Hustle’s first official production, Fancy Guts and Ghosts, was seen at the New York International Fringe Festival in summer of 2008. HHC’s upcoming production, Gastropod, will be produced in Durango, Colorado in spring of 2009.

Heart Hustle Mission Statement:
We believe in live performance as a worthy and irreplaceable form of communication. We believe in conception, collaboration, execution, and contribution.

We are performers, writers, readers, and researchers. We are Imagination Acrobats.
The web we have formed between ourselves as individual artists is parallel to that which we form through our art-making; it transcends the inevitabilities of time, space, and monetary misfortunes.
We serve as one another’s tough and temperamental audience. Together we create a laboratory for the cultivation of Great Work.
The theater is a lover that begs and challenges us to be fully realized, tangible beings. We demand of each other because it demands of us. We dance because we have to. We write because we must.

What we’ve got in our hands does not sparkle pristinely to match front-row diamonds and pearls. What we’ve got in our hands has a pulse. When you hold it, it burns you with its panic like a fish taken from the waters of a volcanic river. It must be passed from hand to hand to maintain its warmth. When it goes it leaves stains behind shaped like animals from a dreamt-up zoo. What we’ve got in our hands drips. And we’re holding it out for you. Come and get a piece of this sweat while it’s still coming cheaply.
Special rates weekly.
That’s our Hustle and we’re sticking to it.

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